[Help]How to add usefile in qde?

I try to add some usage for my app. In qde, add lines as follows to common.mk:
The compiler will show error:
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `fdl.usage’, needed by app.
Then I change the newline to:
usemsg $(USEFILE)
The compiler still encounter error:
*** missing separator. Stop.
Can you tell me how to add usefile in app?
Thx a lot!


The working directory is where the binary files are, namly the “o” directories, so you need to direct the linker to where the usage file is from there.

Thx. I change the command to:
USEFILE=…/…/app.usage and compile it successfully. But when I run the app in terminal:
use ./app
The result is:
There is no message in ./app.

Put some text in the “app.usage” file.

Sorry to comment , I’ve put some help text in app.usage.

Running an old build maybe?

Thx evanh, you’re right. I run a new build and everything is OK.