QNX 6.1 MS Windows

Hi guys,

i downloaded an installed the qnx6.1 MS Windows package. It’s great and even my Geforce4 now runs at 85hz with the new Vesa-Driver.

  • But it seems, that there is no USB support - trying to use “io-usb” i get an “no such file” error. And the UHCI doesn’t work.

  • There is no devn_prism.so driver

Do I have to install the QNX 6.3 package for that ?

I see, that the QNX 6.3 package is a “x86 self host” or something like that - does this mean that i install qnx 6.3 booting the form the ISO created CD ? Does the installer include a bootmanager so I can run WinXP on another partition ?

Thanks !



Ideally you’d want to install 6.3. The self host can run off the CD, but you can’t do a lot with it.It does come with a bootmanager, and you can use that, or the bootmanager (if any) you already use. If you have free space on your disk, then it’s easy enough to install 6.3 and hang onto WinXP.

I think for all the drivers you mention you’ll want 6.3 or at least 6.2.1.

io-usb is new 6.3 specific, what you want to look at is devu-ohci (from memory)