HELP- How can I use a dumper proccess??

Hello everyone,
does anyone know if is possible to use a dumper proccess to grab the fails on applications developed using Photon AppBuilder?

Yes, look at a program call dumper (maybe it’s started by default I’m not sure). Once you have the dump file, it’s a matter of loading it in the debugger.

I had not a problem to generate the dump file, actually the matter is exactly to load this file using watcom debugger (wd).
Do you have any idea how can I do that?
I´m trying to use:
wd -tr=pmd <file_dumper.dmp>


That’s exactly how you need to load it. What exactly doesn’t work. You need to run an executable that was build with debug flag (-g1 or -g2) otherwise all you will get is assembler code. Note that because you don’t have the source to Photon, if it crashes inside a Photon library all you’ll get is assembler