MSN Messenger

hello! i just started using qnx and i’d like to know if MSN Messenger is compatible with this OS. i heard there is a Web MSN Messenger, but i tried to use it and it seems my browser doesn’t suppot it. if it helps, i’m using qnx 6.2.0 and mozilla 0.9.8…

thanks in advance!!


I would suggest you upgrade both the os and browser. Even if you don’t upgrade the os, there is at least a version 1.6 or 1.7 of mozilla which should work.


There is also Gaim and CenterICQ, both of which support aol/msn/icq/yahoo/jabber etc. CenterICQ is located here…

NOTE: my website seems to be having redirection issues… so when you click on the download links they are broken… just add /users/ in the url after and they’ll work.

Cheers. :smiley:

Meh, to make it easier, heres the direct link. … public.qpr

I get an error when i try to start a MSN’s account, it says “…was unable to sign on: Protocol not supported”.

but, why? do i need another version of my gaim (0.59.8)? or how can i connect to MSN?

Have you tried the gaim 0.76?