Strange behavior regarding script file called from boot.

Another question from me to add to the list of bootfile/sysinit questions.
I’ve successfully created a bootfile that in turn calls /etc/system/sysinit. That all works extremely well. Problem is that once sysinit has executed the first command it stubbornly refuses to execute any other command. I’m using an IDE flash disk and would like to run fsck on it at every boot. Thereafter I’d like to start networking.

fsck runs very well but then nothing more happens. I just can’t figure the problem. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong? btw, it’s QNX 6.2.1B.

I use the following command to run chkfsys from my sysinit file:
/sbin/chkfsys /dev/hd0t77

See included sysinit file.

Joachim Holst

Nope, I can’t see the included sysinit file - but that is the next thing to look at. ;-)


Where did my attachement go? I’ll try to add it again…

Seems this system is requireing a filename extension. Strange…


Well well…

Just when I had posted egain, I managed to solve the problem. Seems that I have to add a [+session] part for running my sysinit. Anyhow, now my sysinit works except for the problems that I know how to fix :slight_smile:

Joachim Holst