installation always fails

I’m trying to install qnx6.2nc on my pc but the installation process can’t find any free partitions although there is one. My partition table looks like this:

5 GB ntfs
2 GB fat (for qnx-install)
3,7 GB ext3
10 GB ntfs

The installation can’t find any logical partitions on the extended partition.

thanks for help!

You have to use a primary partition for QNX. And the installer is going to want there to be free space to create it.

The 6.2.0 installer (not sure about nc) wants FREE space on your hard drive instead of an existing partition. First time I installed I created a QNX filesystem partition for the installer to use. It wouldn’t. The procedure instead created a QNX filesystem partition out of free space left on my drive. Also, if the free space is above 8.1 GB, indicate that during install “Allow the partiton to be anywhere”.

Hope this helps.

but on my primary partition there is free space. I don’t want to delete the entire partition to install qnx - or should I?

Ever OS needs it’s own partition. You can’t install QNX onto a partition that another OS is installed on just because it has free space. Unless you are triyng to do the install-in-a-file thing under Windows.

probably you misunderstood me: with “free” space on my primary partition I mean space for a second partition, e.g. after resizing primary partition. but now I solved the mysterious problem as I already wrote in the other topic: … opic&t=161