fs-cifs on NTFS

first of all I’m rather new (some day) to QNX,
I’ve setted a QNX system on a Windows network.

I would like to use it as a backup running cron jobs,
to do this I must be able to connect (map) Windows shares.
I’ve used fs-cifs and I’m able to work on Windows 98,
but on Windows 2000 I got a problem,
I can mount the share,
and I can see it with File Manager,
but it’s empty on QNX (of course on Windows 2000 there’re files inside).
All seems ok, I can create a file in it with the editor (on QNX) and in Windows I can open the file and read it,
but on QNX I see the share as empy.

Can someone help ?
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

solved, thanks