device- & system-information

hi @all

there is one more problem again:
i try to code some program that reads out information about the pci-bus, the cpu, the ram and also the hdd. the first two topics are already implented, but now i don’t now how to go further…

i got the information about pci by using the qnx-functions
- pci_attach()
- pci_attach_device()
- … and so on
information about the cpu i got by using some inline-assembly-code

but how can i get information about ram-size and -usage or hdd-size?

in windows i could use some functions out of the dos.h, so i can use the bios-interrupts 11h, 12h and 15h (function 88 ), but this couldn’t work in qnx / unix. :cry:

can anybody help me? :question::?::?: