Neutrino images

I’m very new to all these and I’m trying to write a simple Neutrino
buildfile (with a DHCP client and a few utilities) for a standard x86 PC. I
managed to get everything to work and boot from a floppy. As I tried to add
more utilities, I hit the max image size of 632K as documented in the
release note. So what is the standard way(s) to include more files in an

Eventually, I need to put the image on a 8MB flash device that is connected
to a standard IDE interface (looks like a 8MB hard drive). Am I going to put
a 632K boot image in the first partition and then have a disk filesystem on
the second partition to hold more files? Can I have a second image instead
of a disk filesystem (let’s say I don’t need to write to it)? I also tried
the mkimage program but I’m not quite sure how it is supposed to work.