can't use tcp/ip with two net card,why?

There are 2 net cards on my target,one is on the mainboard,the chipset is 82559,it has 2 ports,the other is on the extendboard,the chipset is 82551E2,I use “io-net -d speedo -ptcpip -pqnet &” in my build file to driver them,when I use qnet,it’s ok,I can see the target by one of net card,but when I use phlip to setup ip,system said:“netmanager error:could not open socket,address family not supported by protocol family netmanager terminated with exit code 3”,why can tell me the reason?

So you are saying you have 3 ethernet “ports”?

Post the output of ‘ls /dev/io-net’, ‘ifconfig -a’ and ‘pci’ please.


sorry,I have 6 ethernet ports,2 on mainboard,4 on the extendboard

ok, and the output from the requested commands?