SMBfsys question


I am currently trying to use the SMBfsys to connect my Win98 system with
my QNX 4.25 system. I am using Genitor ( to develop
several classes and would really like to be able to use it on my win system
and then generate the code onto the shared folder and then compile it from
a telnet into my QNX box. I start it like:

I shared my ‘folder’ with user and password for full control

SMBfsys -n node150 &
mount -t smb -u user file://winmachine: /localfolder
password &

This works fine and QNX maps the folder into the /localfolder. I then use
genitor to
create the code into the win folder, telenet intoqnx, run a ‘sh build’ to
compile the
project batch file. It then compiles fine. The problem happens the next
time I try
to generate code or change the files from my Win98 system. Windows is now
longer able to change or delete or do anything with the files which were
just ran
thru the compiler. I’m not sure if QNX is 'touch’ing the files or what but
this seems
like rather weird behavior. I telenet’d in as root and as a normal user and
got the
same difficulty. I even tried to share it under windows as ‘read-only’ but
it gave
the same problem.

Thanks for any help…

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