SNMP Agent Extension Support??


I’m using QNX 4.25, TCPIP 5.0. Watcom compiler 10.6
I would like to know What is the amount of support of SNMP in QNX 4.25.

I have few queries with regards to the same:

  1. Whether the SNMP Agent is Extensible?? If so how ??
    Becoz there is no where its mentioned in Help. I have written few MIBS.And I want the snmpd running on my QNX machine to support for these MIBS.

  2. The MIB Compiler provided is smic.
    Whats the output of smic command. Its not clear whether it provides an output like mib2c, the MIB Compiler provided by UCD-SNMP or the Net-SNMP. Does this provide the skeleton code, .c and .h file. If yes, how can I use this to rebuild the snmpd, so that it will respond for my MIB variables.
    The documentation for this is not sufficient. Can u please give information on this.

  3. What sort of security is provided. I have seen VACM support thru the conf files, view.conf, acl.conf, context.conf, party.conf.
    But not very clear about it in the help.

Can you please help me with regards to these queries as early as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Divakar Yadavalli

Been a long time since I looked at SNMP on QNX4 (or 6 for that matter), but I don’t think you are given everything you need to extend the agent. You may do just as well by grabbing the latest UCD-SNMP and porting it yourself - or contact QNX for the source of their agenet so you can extend it.


Hi Rick,
Thanks for the answer.
Thats exactly what we thought of here. But things mentioned in “help” were not suffice.
Either use the existing SNMP agent to go for agent extension. Or We thought of Net-snmp porting to QNX.
So do you suggest it is better going for porting Net-snmp to QNX 4.25 and go ahead with it for agent extension??


Actually I would suggest you talk directly to QSS and see what they want to give you access to their source. It would then be really easy to add extensions. Depending upon the relationship, they may even give you the source, given it is based on one of the free distributions anyway (I think).