ppc cross compiling on qnx 6.2


I am new to QNX and was trying to port software under QNX on windows host environment, compiling it for the MPC7447 platform using QCC with gcc_ntoppcbe flag on.

But looks like some compiler specific system header files (for example
va-ppc.h) are not installed under QNX library directory

When I compiled on unix using powerpc-eabi-gcc, all these
header files are properly installed, in my case,
/powerpc/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-eabi/2.95.2/include/ directory.

Anyone can tell me where are those header files ? Why those headers file are not installed as part of the installation ? How to resolve this?

Thanks in advance


varargs are supplied in the $QNX_TARGET/usr/include/varags.h and $QNX_TARGET/usr/include/ppc/platform.h