Just a quick question for all of you old qnx 4.25 masters.
We are in the middle of redoing our network and going to us a cisco 3750 switch to Vlan our subnets of about 173 nodes and remove the old boot servers. As of now we use nameloc back to node 1. All nodes in the network boot from their own hard drives (used to be diskless clones) .
The question is;
Should we or should we not run nameloc on each node. We want to cut down on the network traffic back to node 1 and wanted to cut the nameloc back to node 1.
Is this a good idea?
Please give both positive and negative results.

If you are only running one copy of nameloc, place ‘nameloc -k 1’ in each of the other nodes sysinit scripts. This will make sure they talk to node 1 before trying to run anything which requires a license. The nameloc will block until it talks to node 1, then exit, allowing your script to continue.

And no, you don’t want to run nameloc on each node (other than as mentioned above). You may want to run a backup (another copy) on one or two other node, in case node 1 is rebooted or something.


You might want to add the -w option, or else the local system will “hang” during boot if the network is down.