How can I recover from a bad command in rc.sysinit?

Using 6.2.0 I put a command in rc.sysinit that it didn’t like and now I can’t boot. I tried putting the drive on another QNX machine as a slave, and I can see files on the drive, but the /etc/rc.d/ directory is empty. I tried doing boot option of getting shell after booting drives, but there is no ‘ls’ or ‘vi’ command available. So what can I do?

No ‘ls’, ‘vi’ ? Read the discussion here:

can’t find the file on the slave drive? This is because of package filesystem. Some discussions here: Basically, you should look for those spilled files in /var/pkg/spill directory. Your rc.sysinit is probably at $SLAVE_DISK/var/pkg/spill/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.