why's the GUI disordered?

My system has one problem,that is the “collapse” button can’t be seen in most dialog,even in “ped” or some qnx application,by the way the system was build by someone who have left my company.so I have to check the library related to “pwm”,at the end I found that the library “libph.so.2” and “libphexlib.so.2” between my system and QNX6.2.1 have the different size and date,then I copy the two files from qnx6.2.1 to my system,what happen?the “collapse” button can be seen now, but the text on button or menu is disorder,when you use “ped” to open one file, you can’t see text exactly,when you active the quick menu,you only can seen somelines,the GUI is DISORDERED,who can tell me the reason?