QNX 6.1 and vmware

Hello to all,

I use several versions of QNX at work, including 6.1, 6.2.1 and 6.3, in a mantenaince and bug fixing support work. I can install the last two versions of QNX in a vmware 4.5.2 virtual machine, but I have a problem with QNX 6.1.

When I install QNX 6.1 everything goes right, but when the installation reboots the machine and the video configuration screen appears, I have no keyboard. I reboot the virtual machine, and a get the login screen with a very low resolution, but the keyboard running. I log in, but I don’t have the mouse working. Everything goes right, I can set up the network, change graphic resolution to 1024x768, do ftp-s, qnet is working, everything is fine, but the mouse is dead. I’ve tried this in several machines but I can get the mouse working.

Has anyone succeed doing this? Remember that I’m talking about QNX 6.1. Thank you for your help,


I remember I had the same problem and had to download the new QNX 6.1 mouse driver (devi-hirun) from developers.qnx.com/Fixes/Software/Archive/ and put in your /usr/photon/bin

I just checked but that URL is no more…

I am attaching my copy here since QNX’s website doesn’t have it anymore.

Thank you noc!

I’ve just copied the file, and the mouse is alive and working. Thank you again!