Graphics with QNX 4.25

Hey there,

I have an extensive C++ software library running on QNX 4.25, using the
Watcom compiler. The graphics are a child process written in low level
Xlib stuff. I am looking to make a giant leap into much more exciting
graphics that are easier to develop. What is the best (opinions are
welcome) way to go?
I have been poking around the web reading about FastGL, Mesa, and
OpenGL (which I don’t think works on QNX). I am not sure how these
systems compare or are related (is Mesa a subset of OpenGL?).
Regardless I am interested in using a C/C++ based graphics platform to
create mid-level graphics (2 and 3-d) under QNX. Ideally the package I
choose would be the ‘industry standard’ across several platforms, so I
am more likely to find people who know how to use it and so I can port
to another OS if I switch over.

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