How many PtTimer can be used together in a project?

Since there’re several windows in my program to be switched each other, and each of them should change their labels as time elapse.
Can you tell me how many PtTimer can be used in a single project?
Thx a lot!

I guess there is a theorectical limit, but if your ‘several’ windows is only 10 or something, I don’t think that’s a problem.

I am not sure there is even a limit. The PtTimer is a psuedo timer with no promise of accuracy. There are limits to RtTimers since they are an os level resource.

As far as I know, PtTimers are nothing but a “check” which is done each time around the mani photon event loop - if the timer is due, it’s callback is called. That is both why there is no real limit and no promise of accuracy.