How to share source code between projects?


Using the Momentics 2.0 IDE, I’ve created multiple QNX C++ application projects. Each is it’s own subdirectory, each has its own main(). I want to cshare code modules between the projects but I can’t determine how to do this. Under the project properties I click Project References and I put a check mark next to the other project that I want to refer to. However when I call a function that’s defined in another project I get an unresolved symbol error from the linker when I build the project. This is driving me nuts! Can anyone help?


Cincinnati, OH USA

Stop using the ide?

;-) I am not a fan of the IDE because instead of making things simplier, it just makes you do things it's way, until you find out you can't do it.

I am sure there is a way, but I don’t know it and decided to hijack your message so I could complain about the IDE. Hopefully cdm or someone can help you.


Yeah, IDE sux, makefile & CLI rules! :smiling_imp:

hehe ;-)