6.3.0 Photon App on 6.2.1 System

Is there an easy way to run Photon apps developed under 6.3 on a 6.2.1 machine? Can I just put the newer .so files on the 6.2.1 machine? The IDE help said I could compile for other QNX versions but 6.3.0 is the only choice it will give me. (Yes, we are planning to upgrade the 6.2.1 system at some point)

Doug Owens

Hi Doug,

I seriously doubt this will be possible … unless you totaly move Photon 6.3 libs and binaries to your 6.2.1 maybe ? … Can’t you simply recompile your app
for 6.2 ?


You will need to link your apps against the old version of the photon libs - which might work.

If you are using the using the IDE on a non-native platform, there are options to choose which version you compile for. In future native versions, this will be available as well (compile for 6.3, 6.4, etc…).