how to use RAM file

Hello ,everyone,
Following is the detail about what I met in my work and I hope to get more help from someone. My platform is X86,and OS is QNX OS 6.2.My program is OK while runinng in the harddisk , but when it is written to EPROM,it can’t run properly.I think,for my program use message queue and share memory which follow the standard of POSIX API,when my program is running ,it will generate two temporary files.But for the special charater of EPROM,Ican’t write to EPROM when it running.So I want to know if I 'll select RAM rather than EPROM,and save the two files generated in RAM.Now I have no more information about RAM files,so I hope that anyone can give me more advice. thanks a lot .


You can write to /dev/shmem without having a full ramdisk.

In this way , will my temporary files in my program be run in EPROM?