APPZ disabled after expiration time..

HI there guys, sorry if I disturb you…

Can someone tell me which are the things that are disabled after the expiration time has been reached?, or where can I find that information.


The biggie is qcc, the compiler, you can use gcc in it’s place but it’s pretty awkward if you use PhAb. Certain debugging parts of the Eclipse IDE seem to be disabled too.

Ok, I’m not a developer, just a regular user, so, if qcc is disabled and I install gcc, can I install other kind of applications?, like, mplayer, midnight commander, etc, etc, or that will be pure pain?, what do you think?


The features which are disabled are all developer type features, so you shouldn’t notice anything different at all.

If you didn’t use the IDE, and used gcc from the begining, even as a developer, you probably won’t notice. mkifs (which is used to create new boot images) is the only other component I can think of.

Again, nothing a “user” needs to worry about.


Ok, thanx for your time…