and Video Card Problems

There seems to be quite a few people with problems
using video cards that should technically be supported.
It seems that the file for Photon
doesn’t contain all the enteries for supported
video cards. For example, my file
doesn’t contain any info about the TNT driver.
So for I’ve seen problems with an S3 and a Matrox
Millenium G100 and incomplete files.
Are there multiple versions of the file floating
around? Is the file in the RTP beta
complete? If everyone with working video cards
(especially a TNT, S3, or Matrox G100/Millenium)
could check their file, it would be

PS> I know that my file, from
the RTP release on the 25th doesn’t have tnt, or
NVIDIA anywhere in it, so if your’s does, there
is a discrepency.