small pleasure: qnxplayer and mp3

Hi everyone!

I installed 6.3.0 and was very pleased find qnxplayer. Unfortunately, it ignores my mp3 collection. I get “unable to play” error message. BUT it is possible make him understand mp3’s:

look to this shot:

clearly visible qnxplayers under 6.3.0 playing mp3’s…
So, which files are missing in qnxplayer?

Thanks in advance.

You need this: … lease_id=6

It’s the mp3 decoder thingie which is missing from 6.3

I extracted files from the .tgz archive and placed them in /lib/dll/mmedia folder. Now qnxplayer is playing mp3’s perfectly.

taxas, can you email your tgz acrchive to me ? the webpage now cannot be opened . Thanks In advance !

I have a same problem.

Can anyone email the tgz archieve to me ?
My email address is

Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem.
Can someone post the archive so that everyone can see if, from now on?
If not, can someone email the tgz to me:

“qnxzone projects” page is down, you can find all project files mirrored at

I need this too for mp3 support, I don’t see anything at the downloads?


I haven’t tried it myself, but I think below is the file that people in the thread were talking about: … or_630.tgz

Hmm I thought there was a QNX package, so we don’t have to compile.

Ok my bad I extracted it to /lib/dll/mmedia