Multi-boot and Windows Install package

Hi! I have Win98 and BeOS dual booted with BootMagic. The “file-in-
windows” installation mentions an “option” menu it creates during the
installation process, so when you reboot you are given a choice.
Strangely, none of the documentation I could find mentions how this is done
and whether this will damage your MBR if you use a boot loader. Other
messages I’ve seen say this is done with the config.sys and doesn’t touch
the MBR. Is this true? Can anyone tell me if I would be safe using the
Windows “image file” installation on such a system?

Has anyone else installed the Windows install in a multi-boot system
without problems? I won’t be able to try it out until I can be sure of
this! If it doesn’t change the MBR, then when I select Win98 with the
bootloader I’ll just get the QNXRTP/Windows choice after that?

Thanks for any help. — Francis