Is there a full compatable notebook for qnx (6.2.1 or 6.3).
It’s important for me to have a video, ethernet and com-port.

If you are after fully accelerated video, then laptops with Radeon or some Intel chipsets are your best bet. Although my laptop has unsupported video, with evanh’s tweaked VESA driver the performance is really not a lot worse than my (supported) Radeon card on my desktop.

Most ethernet chipsets work in my experience, if not, there is always PCMCIA.

Never used the COM port on mine.

For reference, these guys were quite helpful when I was after a new machine.


I have bought a laptop two months ago. What i have done is to see if
each component of the laptop were QNX compatible.

You can see it in: … ndex.html/

I have got a Compaq nx9005. It is a little bit old, but
the network and the com-port (serial port) works.
The only problem is that it hasnt USB 2.0 support.

Video works with the VESA driver (although I dont know if fully accelerated or not) and it has diskette (something that I wanted too).
I give you just as a reference.

I hope it helps.

I’m using an Acer TM225X, everything works with it, including the i830 graphics driver. :slight_smile:

It’s cheap and has built-in comport and floppy. Removable 20 GB HDD, DVD/CDRW, 512 MB RAM and Li-Ion battery.

The only let-down is it drinks the battery flat in three hours. Alas, they went out of production over a year ago.

Is there absent software (QNX) or hardware(laptop) support for USB 2.0?

The problem with the USB is because there is not hardware support in the laptop for USB 2.0, only for USB 1.1.
Also, it has only 256 Mb RAM and it is not too new.

But i think there must be one similar to this one but newer.
I am using QNX 6.2.1 with this laptop.
One interesting think is that the ethernet card is automatically detected
by QNX.
Sometimes it is needed to configure the ethernet card manually (although
it is not very hard).

After booting I get “Unable to open device /dev/par1”, I suppose that something with the parallel port doesnt work or it is not automatically detected but I dont need it.
I have tried again the serial port and it works fine in QNX, I am using the laptop with the VESA driver and 1024x768 and 32 bits color.

The USB controllers shouldn’t be a problem, there is only three variants for the common PC, and that covers USB 2.0 as well. QNX 6.3.0 supports all three.

The real problem is having drivers for the USB devices you attach.

i am using an ACER TRAVELMATE 260, and everything works fine - parallel, serial, on-board network interface, graphics and so on.

as this model itself doesn’t look very sexy, i tried it with my old SONY VAIO, still everything ok (nic is pcmcia) apart from the fact that it will only boot from CD ROM - mind : boot, but after that you’re completely free.

SONY has not been able to give me any advice on this. Never mind !
Regards HELGE