QNX GCC 2.95.3 source code.

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can get a copy of the QNX gcc 2.95.3 source code.

Or just a patch file against the standard gcc 2.95.3 release.

I found an old email to the gcc maillling list which pointed to a link on the QNX website. This link seems to be broken.

Here is the email.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use original gcc to apply QNX patch!

You can get original gcc 2.95.3 from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/gcc-2.95.3

Hi AG,

Do you know where I can get the QNX patch?

I couldn’t find it on the official gcc ftp site.


oh well, yet another problem with the old developers.qnx.com (see the other thread ).
You might want to send your suggestions/complaints to webmaster@qnx.com so that they can fix the site)

ok, that’s it for complaining :slight_smile: back to your question:

you can probably find the gcc source at cvs.qnx.com Look into the tools module …

Hi noc,

I’ll send an email to QNX letting them know about the broken link.

I downloaded gcc from their cvs server but it looks like it is gcc 2.95.2. The whole CVS repository doesn’t look like it has been updated in a long while.

Any other thoughts on where I might find 2.95.3? I’m assuming that the GPL requires QNX to provide the source code for their changes. There not easy to find though. :frowning:

You might want to check with Colin Burgess cburgess@qnx.com

I’ve sent him the patch (and pinged people about the developers corner stuff).

Anybody who needs the patch can get it from me …

Note - please email my yahoo address - my QNX one is rather severely spammed so I have a whitelist, and you may not get through.

To the maintainers of this site - might I just send you the patch?


You can actually attach files to your post here. Of course, I won’t recommend that if the file is hundred megs like the QNX ISO :slight_smile:

For others, here is the patch from Colin: