I have just started using QNX4 at work, so downloaded & installed RTP
at home, just out of interest. Everything went fine, after I found out
how to mount a SCSI CD-ROM after starting RTP.

Following a link in this NG, I discovered www.qnxstart.com and a
program vncviewer.ph. After downloading & unpacking, I can’t get this
to run. It reports a coredump if I just try to run it.

How do I know if this is a RTP or QNX4 binary ?

I really need someway of getting the RTP display onto the display of my
Win98 PC, which is the only PC with a monitor at present. I access my
Linux server via a Win98 X-server.


Ray James

Sorry, braindead at this time…

What I meant to say is that I put RTP onto my Win98 PC and dual
(triple) boot it. Because my linux box is the only one connected to the
Internet via ISDN, I need to get the linux X display onto the monitor
connected to the QNX RTP booted PC. VNC would be an easy way to do

Ray James
Radolfzell, Germany