API's for user's authentication

Hello all ,

 I have a query regrading the authentication of a user that is done by checking in the /etc/passwd file . As per i know , if there is shadow password supported , the encrypted password would be entered in the /etc/shadow file . My question is how will u check whether the password entered by the user is a valid one . In UNIX environment , we use the 'getpwnam' for checking the user name and 'crypt' API for checking the password . So is there any API in QNX that works same as crypt API in UNIX ??


crypt() appears to be there according to the docs.

i need a API supported in QNX 4.25 , if so can u be more specific as which docs …is it help documents ?

Take a look at those crypt* tar files at ftp://ftp.qnx.com/usr/free/qnx4/os/libs/

There are sample C code in them.

Hey thanks !!! i got it … u need to link the unix.lib library while compiling the code with crypt() or getpass() API’s … Neways thank u very much …