160M ATA Flash Card?

I cannot get Pcmcia.generic to recognize a Centennial 160M ATA Flash
card. I have successfully configured a Centennial 128M ATA Flash card, but
the larger card won’t work. The “pin” command shows the 128M card as an ATA
device with the correct base address and irq assigned. The 160M card is
displayed as a memory device without an I/O address or irq.

I used “pin config” to append an entry to pcmcia.cards. I am familiar
with the card configuration entries in pcmcia.cards and have successfully
created and modified them in the past (including an entry for the 128M
card). So, I believe that my configuration files are correct. Also, I have
only one Centennial card entry at a time and switch back and forth as I test
the different size cards. I have verified that the system resources are
available and they are correctly used by the 128M card. But, try as I may,
the larger 160M card is always seen as a memory device as verified with the
“pin” command.

Has anyone worked with large PCMCIA flash cards? Any suggestions or


Jim Cassidy