sin kills phditto session and other programs under 6.3

I origianlly posted this in the newgroup comp.os.qnx. But for almost 2 weeks I got no responsed. Maybe nobody is reading that group anymore.

I found that running “sin” in a terminal window crashes the ditto’ed photon
session. It does not matter whether the ditto session is new or a duplicate
of an existing one. It also does not matter whether the ditto is done
locally or from a remote host (such as Phindows from a windows computer).

It also kills a few program we have developed here if sin is executed locally. It is quite disturbing.

Does anyone know any cure for the problem?

Shouqin Huo

This may confuse the issue, but I have seen cases where QNX utilities send messages to servers expecting a valid (ENOSYS) or other type response. If sin does this and your program doesn’t expect it, this may be the cause. And if phrelay doesn’t expect it, that could also explain the problem.

Since you don’t have source to either sin or phrelay, you should be able to debug the problem with your own code. Do you recieve an unexpected message (and perhaps handle it badly)?


Has anyone found a fix for this ?
we use sin quite often, and on the servers with phindows, it’s quite annoying.

Martin Politick


No. I have not heard any solutions from anybody.
Needless to say that I am disappointed.

I wonder if QNX monitors the new group. The silence is disturbing.

Shouqin Huo

This has been fixed (internal PR21962). The fix will be out in a future
release of npm-tcpip-v{4,6}.so.


Some staffer do monitor it, but nobody has to. Offical support is NOT done through public newsgroup

mfeil and mario

thanks for the information. I am happy to hear that it is going to fixed.

Do you happen to know what the causes it and what the fixes are? I would like to know because it kills one one of my programs too. (I would like to know what signal or message is sent by sin so I can trap it.)

I realize QNX does not have to provide support through the user groups. But I think it is in QNX’s best interest to hear from the community and provide some fead back. Last time I tried to report a bug in Phindows (it used to crash when you view a binary file), they did not want to hear it initially because I did not pay for the support. I was only trying to help.