file corruption under qnx 4.25

I have a very serious problem with file corruption. Some details:
by file corruption, I mean that the content of the files changes from its original content, sometimes the console output will be written into the files, other times it will be something else.
SW runs on disk-on-chip,
a program writes files very frequently, so the file system changes a lot.
Errors like closing the open file is not an issue.
I think that it has something to do with LDT, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot it, as I cannot reproduce it.
I will appreciate any ideas,

It is very hard to create file corruption without turning the power off / rebooting unexpectedly. Are you saying this happens while the machine is just running? Have you tried talking to DoC about the problem?

My expereince with disk-on-chip has always been very positive. Does this problem happen on multiple machines (trying to rule out hardware problems)?


YEs, it happens while unit is running. And it happens on multiple machines. I notices that it starts happening after a while, and when we have high number of erase/write/read cycles. We talked to DoC, and they accepted they had a problem with qnx 4.25 running properly on one of the versions of disk-on-chips; they were replaced, and everything looked fine fora while.
May be it has something to do with flash drive we have?

Given the age and maturity of QNX4, I would strongly suspect either the hardware (which you ruled out), or the DoC driver - since it has seen a lot less use than QNX4 in general.


Rick, I appreciate your input. We now can reproduce the problem. It is improper power shutdown.