NEW in QNX6 !

Hi, I am new in QNX6, I come from QNX4.
In QNX6:
What commands i have for check the system (like sin, df, cp, etc) ?
Can I phditto from qnx4 to qnx6 ?
A good tutorial about QNX6 ?

Thank you. :smiley:

use pidin instead of sin - most the utilities are the same tho.

I suspect that phditto should work fine - although I have not personally tried it. There is a really good users guide now included in the docs for 6.3, so that is a good place to start. From a programming point of view, Rob Krten’s latest book is a great reference/cookbook for QNX6 programming.


You can phditto but only through TCP/IP.

I config the network with io-net and inetd then I can connect to my PC with telnet ok but not with phditto ?

Check the inetd.conf to make sure phrelay is uncommented. Use netstat to make sure you are listening on the phrelay port.


Thanks; I can take info about the nodes in the net (like “alive” command in QNX4) ?
What about “ditto” (== in QNX 6.3 ?)