will bad display hurt my monitor (RTP)?


I have a matrox G400 graphics card and in 1024x768 mode I lose the top 10-20
pixels off the top.

The driver is started with: io-graphics -g1024x768x32 -dldevg-matroxg.so -I0
-d0x102b,0x525 -R85 which was autoselected and I upped to 32bit colour, 85Hz

if I play with the vertical display position and the height I can see one or
two more pixels on the top as it gets to about half size, so they are
displayed, but my Adi MicroScan monitor does not display them at normal
settings though Win95 is fine.

I’m getting used to it - basically I can see one pixel over the letters ecome
in the Welcome! on the shelf, and no higher.

anyone have any ideas on whether this can cause damage to the monitor or not?


Lance Roberts

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