QNX 6.3 third party appz

HI there guys.

Well, thanx to the guys of the forum I was able to install 6.3, now I was wondering if there is third party cd-rom like there is for 6.2.1

One more thing, after I make the first installation process, do I have to do the same like in 6.2.1, to insert the cd-rom and finish the installation from the cd reposotory?, Everithing seems to work fine, my ethernet card, video card, I’m surprised about that :slight_smile:, but do not know if there is something else that needs to be installed from the cd.


So, you were able to use the Activation key and procedure as posted by evanh in this thread ?


that’s only needed for qnx 6.2.1. not any other versions.

Yes, I followed that procedure, and cause I’m not a developer, I setted back the correct date later and apart from the warning about the expiration date of the activation key at boot up everything seems to work fine.

Still I wasn’t able to install anything, but hope to have no problem when compiling things, basically, multimedia stuff, like mplayer, xmms, then ssh, play with the nfs utils.

Well, thanx again to all f you…