Question on SedNet 1394 Stack!

I have a TI 1394 adapter pci board and want it be supported by using SedNet 1394 Stack of the mindready Co.Ltd.
I followed with “QNX Installation Guide Edition 1, Revision1” step by step.

the Installation Process was successful, but the following Configuration Proc occured some problems.

  1. Starting the SedNet 1394 License Manager by “licgui” command in a command shell at “/usr/lib”

  2. Loading your license.
    My license key is a evaluation key that sent by technical support of mindready com. And it was calculated according to my board’s UID.

3.Selecting the Driver.
I selected “/usr/lib/lib1394llaMulti.a” as the LLA driver, following the describe of the Guide. BUT, it was different with the demonstration picture in the Guide. “/lib/modules/2.4.7-10/mindready/lla.mod” was selected in the picture. And I did not find the file “lla.mod” in my system. :frowning:

4.Activating the License Key
The key status was “installed” , the same as the demostration.

following above steps, I felt the configuration proccess was success. so I began to test with the official utility - “testit”.

But, Dismayingly, i got the following prompt by using testit command:

“Unabe to open LLA test engine !”

I don’t know what it means and don’t know how to resolve it. Any one have met this problem? Please tell me. Thanks a lot!!

Sorry, my native language is chinese, so my english is very poor, Wish you can understand me. Thank you again!! :slight_smile:

My system is QNX 6.2.1 NC.

I am not sure of the problem since I have not played with that stack. Since you are evaluating it, you should sent MindReady these same questions in an email - it is in their interest to reply.


Yeah ask MindReady they have good support.