why the "install" is disabled?

when I install QNX to the harddisk on one industry pc,It’s very strange that the “install” button is disabled when it reboot,someone tell me that it has relation with the time in the bios,but I don’t think so, for the time is correct,why?

Confused? I sure am. ;)

You’ve got momentics installed but there is another “install”?

the step is:
1.I startup the pc from cdrom by QNX 6.2.1.
2.do the setup step until “hit any key to reboot”,so I reboot the system
3.the setup dialog appears,on the top of the dialog,there’s some button “install”,“select all”,“quit”,I select all item,but the “install” button is disabled.

It sounds like you are talking about the Package Installer program used for adding new packages with.

The default behaviour of the QNX 6.2.1 Momentics installation has a second stage to it where a patch is applied by using the Installer. This patch is actually upgrading the OS from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1. The patch files are on the main CD you installed Momentics from, you need to place the CD back into the drive for the Installer to find the right files.

and you can then see and select “QNX Momentics for x86”.
After that, you will see the “install” button active and clickable :slight_smile:

but my CD is always placed in the drive and I don’t remove it during setup.

What items are listed? What section are you viewing, The installed packages or a repository?