Configuration problems

Hi. I just tried QNX, found it interesting, but I have two problems:

  1. It does not run on my SCSI drive (hangs during boot) (card - FirePort 40,
    drive - IBM Ultrastar, cd - TEAC CDR-55S) - I have to run it from my
    slooooow eide drive; Still, I can’t access my SCSI cd/drive from QNX.

  2. I have an ISA Genius GE2500III 10Mbit network card. When I run network
    configuration tool it set DNS name serwers (got it from windows registry?,
    but in wrong order :slight_smile:, my hostname, domainname, but when I try to set
    gateway - after I click Apply/Done it disappeares. I followed all steps from
    help and manual, and it seems my card is recognized properly. Also, how do I
    set my own IP?

Are there drivers for SB Live, PlayTV PAK tv-card, cd-recorders (I haven’t
seen the whole list of packages yet because of no networking :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Marek Kubicz
ICQ# 51499187