Job openings @ QNX

QNX is growing its’ staff considerably in the next few months, and currently
have many open opportunities for those interested:

  1. R&D Software Engineers - in either Tools, Core OS, H/W Support, Tools,
    GUI Core, or GUI Applications areas.
  2. R&D Project Managers - in any of our product groups.
  3. R&D Product Development Manager - this is for our Tools product group.
  4. Field Application Engineers - for International, Canadian, and US
    markets. If you want to get away from development, and are adept at dealing
    with customer solutions, then this is a good opportunity for you.
  5. Product Marketing Managers - you will become an evangelist for one of
    our product groups and work between Sales and R&D to help both sides
    understand what the customers/market want.
  6. QA Developers - in any one of our project/product groupings.
  7. OEM Support Rep - you would help one of our large OEM customers in
    development of their product using ours. Strong customer interaction and
    development, but limited actual travel.
    :sunglasses: Sales Representatives - to help sell our products in the Internet
    Appliance/Consumer Device, or Telecom/Datacom equipment markets.

If you are interested in any one of these jobs, simply send me an updated CV
(please quote comp.os.qnx in the subject title) and I will do my best to
help you find a home at QNX.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Greg Fields
Technical Recruiter
QNX Software Systems.