A Banshee, only working in VESA

I’ve seen this kind of talk around and I did look at the card database
in which Matrox users are told to copy the lines.
There already is the 0x0003 id which I have and it ends up in the
other file (sorry, don’t remember paths =). Still I only get VESA.

Well, the card didn’t work in XF86 either. In win9x it seems to work.
I guess it’s the card but I can hunt around if you have ideas.

Would be nice to see how 3D works in RTP =)

Otherwise it seems fine. The 128bit crypto not being freely available
is a real bad thing but otherwise it might make a nice desktop.
Also the wm is ugly and I think there should be at least an option
to turn off resizing over the panels and set edge resistance.

I exclusively prefer this jftr:

I used to use NeXT like themes (only with slimmer titlebars) until
I saw it. It’s apparently a little inspired by QNX. Only better =)