Chatting between QNX users in real-time


If you want to chat about QNX in realtime with many users around the world,
even with some of the coders of the OS, we have set up a wide open IRC
network where everyone can connect using any IRC client or PhIRC the
Photon IRC client for QNX4 & QNX RTP available here:

There are 2 severs currently available:

The channel name is: #QNX

If you’re using PhIRC just type “/server” and you’ll be connected
to and you will also join the channel #QNX.

See You Soon :slight_smile:

HI Jeans “Jean-Huges Royer” <> wrote about chatting in
realtime about a realtime os using PhIRC :

Photon IRC client for QNX4 & QNX RTP available here:

Thanks… actually i am behind an authenticating proxy firewall (SQUID with a
authentication plugin to be exact). PhIRC doesn’t support this… can it be
tweaked in some manner to manage the firewall?? .

See You Soon > :slight_smile:
Hope so… > :slight_smile:

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