Send Mail Program in QNX


I want to write program in C++ on RTOS(QNX) which is executed automatically when certain trigger happend and which perform following taksk in program
send mail to specified user to notify about the event happend

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manoj palhade

  1. If you only plan to SEND email to the users somewhere else (not on the QNX box), you can just use any of those smtp client library to “talk” out. Here is one you might want to try: … /socket++/

  2. If you want the users on the QNX box to “receive” emails. You will need to configure one of those MTAs, eg: you can find and install “sendmail” from the 3rd party CD or online repository. Read the sendmail bat book for configuration details.

The Link you provide in 1) not related to QNX
As i want to write program on RTOS(QNX) in C++
I want to know how to write program sending mail in C++ on RTOS(QNX)

which library and function are required to send mail
please give me sample program and documents that help to build this program

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Well, if you want the SMTP client functionality, you should port the Socket++ library (the link I gave you earlier) to QNX. and read the document on how to use it. In particular, chapter 13 talks about the SMTP class, and sample code is included in that chapter.