Booting RTP with GRUB

I have the HD on my machine partitioned with Win98 and Linux, and use
GRUB as the bootloader.
I found a 540MB HD at work that was gathering dust, so I slapped it into
the machine. I’ve tried formatting it under Win98, it works fine.
Then I installed RTP Patch A to this second HD, using the full .iso
image. (Not a Windows install.) Funnily, the install routine never
asked me whether I wanted to install the boot loader.
So now RTP’s there, but I can’t access it
Does RTP install its second-stage boot loader onto that partition’s boot
record, so that I can just (in GRUB) switch to that partition, type
makeactive, chainloader+1, and boot? Anyone else booting RTP with GRUB?

The Herring

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