PCI D/A Card Questions

I’m trying to write a simple test program for PCI based 8 channel analog
output module under QNXRTP. I’ve never programmed any PCI cards before, so
I’m kind of lost.

The PCI card uses an PLX chip for the PCI interface. The card is an Adlink
6208V analog output module.

I ran the pci command and received the information my PCI card listed below:

There’s no base I/O or memory address listed. Is this normal? Am I missing

Class = Bridge (Unknown)
Vendor ID = 10b5h, PLX Technology
Device ID = 9050h, PCI 9050 Target PCI Interface Chip
PCI index = 0h
Class Codes = 068000h
Revision ID = 1h
Bus number = 0
Device number = 10
Function num = 0
Status Reg = 8280h
Command Reg = 3h
Header type = 0h Single-function
BIST = 0h Build-in-self-test not supported
Latency Timer = 0h
Cache Line Size= 8h un-cacheable
Subsystem Vendor ID = 9999h
Subsystem ID = 6208h
Max Lat = 0ns
Min Gnt = 0ns
PCI Int Pin = NC
Interrupt line = no connection

Thanks for any help,