I hate to double post, but I’m desperate to solve this problem. It’s been
several weeks working on getting an answers to a related posting. PLEASE

I’m trying to get my application to save/restore the current work space. I
have a problem with correctly restoring the minimized window state.

I’m trying to change the Ph_WM_STATE_ISHIDDEN flag inside my window
pre-realize setup function.

The PtWindow documentation for Pt_ARG_WINDOW_STATE says that you can change
the settings to Pt_ARG_WINDOW_STATE before the window is realized.

I’m setting the Pt_ARG_WINDOW_STATE to Ph_WM_STATE_ISHIDDEN in the window
setup function, before the realize. My window always comes up normal. Why?
What am I doing wrong?

If I change the settings for Pt_ARG_WINDOW_STATE in Phab, then whatever I
pick there, is what I get. It seems that changes from the window setup
function are not used at all. Why?

Please help.