PCI Startup Error

I’m having a PCI Server Boot Error. It says PCI_Server Failed! or something
like that when it boots. Onces I logon I can do (pci-bios -b :sunglasses: in the
terminal and it loads all my pci devices; this changes the default from
(pci-bios -b 10). I am wondering how to change this in the boot exec so
that it automaticly pick up my pci devices. This would save me from having
to type pci-bios -b 8 and init. my Soundblaster Live! every time I boot.
Also, I’m getting a (Could not open socket: no such file or directory.) from
netmanager. I have a Accton Tech Network card which I think is compatable
with realtek or Epic network cards if you have any info would love the help.
Thanks again, Max