I am working on an application that runs on the rpxlite board. I am
currently using the QNX v2.0c version of the cross platform tools from
NT to create the code.

I set up the build script to include devc-pty, and pdebug. The board
only communicates through the serial port /dev/console, linked to
/dev/ser1 using
the devc-serppc800 serial driver.

Problem: I am trying to get the ppc version of gdb to work correctly.
After loading the OS and starting gdb on the NT including setting the
remote target and working directory etc. I issue this run command:

run ./theApp > /dev/ser1 </dev/ser1

In other words I am trying to tell gdb to put the output out the the
box’s serial port and to accept input to the application from the box’s
serial port. I have done this successfully with other Neutrinos. I
think this command works on another platform:

run ./theApp >< /dev/ser1 but not here. The above does ( sort of).

What happens is that the application prints to the box’s serial port
ok, as expected but it can’t seem to receive any input from input from
the serial port. Nor does the
gdb command line. It seems like gdb is waiting for input from the
serial port as expected but the board’s driver isn’t working correctly
or something.

Have any of you encounted this before, and if so do you have a solution

We will be getting a new code drop soon so maybe it will go away. But
it would be nice to know if this is a know bug. Thanks in advance.


Mike Burkett