QNX4.2x & PhAB1.14 RTC management ??

I have time sensitive features in my custom application but I need the
user to manipulate the real time clock on my AT motherboard (crystal
sucks - lose 3-5 minutes a week). I have figured out how to allow them
to set their Time Zone and Daylight flag, but now I need to allow them
to “tweak” clock by say +/- 60 minutes minutes at a time.

Since I am only going to let them change clock by +/- 60 minutes, I want
this change to take a while to converge slowly. After using the ‘date’
command, the ‘rtc -r 10 -S 3600 -s hw’ appears to jam load rather than
converge my AT hardware clock.

I’m confused on how the clock convergence routine works. My goal is to
not allow the user to back up the clock by 60 minutes, then back it up
immediately by another 60 minutes.

Please help

M Crowell