misc questions


I recently just installed the Jan QNX RTP release, with the latest March

Everything’s great, and I’m really loving it - but for a few things.

I have had no luck in trying to locate the shelf app to use which displays
the virtual desktops. I’m able to change them with the shortcut keys, but
I’d really love to have the actual display pane attached to the Shelf as
well so that I can access the other desktops with the mouse. What program
is it that I need to stick in the shelf for this?

Also, is it possible to modify the shortcut keys? ( I don’t like the Ctl-Alt
combo, it’s weird on the fingers, and kinda difficult to perform quickly )

What is the ‘wmswitch’ program?

I downloaded the Netbsd man package, but there’s not much included -
none of the photon/neutrino stuff, and only a selection of the other
progs – is ‘use’ the only venue of documention for the userland utils?

Did I correctly hear about there being a more feature complete replacement
for RTP’s npm-ttcpip? If so, where can I find more info?

How do I turn off the audial bell on the terminal? I don’t like it, and
prefer just the visual bell.

What are some good community-run websites for RtP?

Thanks a ton!